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Tips For Buying a New Trane Air Conditioner

If it’s time to replace your home’s cooling system, buying a Trane air conditioner is a smart choice. Trane has been a leader in cooling equipment innovation for over 120 years and are well-known for rigorous testing and reliability. Trane offers a number of different models so you can choose equipment that perfectly suits your needs and budget. Here are some helpful tips on how to get the biggest benefit from your A/C purchase.

Consider the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

The SEER rating tells you how efficient an A/C is at converting energy into cooling. Trane offers models ranging from the minimum standard 13 SEER up to a highly-efficient 21 SEER. Although units with higher SEER ratings cost more, the energy savings they provide can offset the higher upfront cost over time.

Look at Efficiency and Performance Enhancing Options

Today’s Trane A/Cs come with features like all-aluminum outdoor coils that resist corrosion and options like variable-speed indoor and outdoor fans, as well as two-stage, dual or variable-speed compressors for optimal efficiency and comfort control.

Go With a Reputable, Experienced Installer

When you’re comparing bids from different HVAC contractors, don’t assume that the lowest installed price is the best deal. Look for an established, knowledgeable contractor because paying less upfront can cost you more over the long term if the equipment isn’t properly installed.

Insist on Accurate Sizing

Your contractor should know how to size your new air conditioner accurately using Manual J and S software, and ensure proper ductwork design based on Manual D. If the equipment isn’t sized correctly, or your ductwork is poorly designed or inefficient, you can end up with temperature and humidity control problems, energy losses, high operating costs, and a greater risk of premature breakdowns or failures.

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