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Why Is My AC So Loud?

June 9, 2022 | Blog

Wonder why your once quiet air conditioning system is now making strange noises? Want to know whether the answer’s an easy fix or a more serious situation? For McComb, high-quality AC maintenance is being offered by Southern Air Mississippi, along with answers as to why your system is trumpeting, hissing or squealing. If necessary, professional AC repair is also offered.

Possible AC Problems

Since air conditioning systems have multiple components, there can be numerous different reasons behind a loud ac. For example, the refrigerant lining could be too tight. If it is, call an HVAC technician so they can adjust the AC and resolve the issue.

Your problem could also be old isolation padding. Used to absorb noise produced by a system’s internal parts, isolation padding wears over time. When this happens, the padding crumbles and breaks, increasing the noise level and making replacement necessary.

Buzzing and issues with your motor are more serious problems. Buzzing means that your air conditioner is dying and requires a replacement ASAP. When it comes to the motor, there could be a piece of hardware coming loose in its system or it could be failing. For the former situation, call a technician as quickly as possible, for the latter, call a professional before disconnection or further damage occurs.

Outdoor Unit

If none of the above issues are the reason behind your loud AC, your problem might have something to do with the outdoor unit. As outdoor units get older or start to malfunction, the compressor starts to perform badly and will require replacement.

If you hear a loud rattle, this means a small piece of debris is stuck in the outdoor AC’s compressor fan. If you find something, turn off the unit and remove the obstruction, checking for damage to the condenser coils, compressor, and fan.

Indoor Unit

No problems with the outdoor unit? Check to see if there are any problems with the indoor unit. These problems include an old or malfunctioning blower motor, which will require replacement, and a worn or misaligned belt, which causes a squealing sound. Squealing varies as different temperatures and humidity levels cause the belt to expand and contract, which requires professional ac repair.

Other Problems

If there’s nothing wrong with your AC, problems could be coming from elsewhere, such as the ductwork, heat pump, or indoor furnace.


Normally, a quiet rush of air comes out of the ductwork. However, hissing means the coolant is leaking and the ducts are improperly sealed. This requires the immediate attention of an HVAC team.

Heat Pump

Trumpeting or hissing coming from the compressor motor when the heat pump is off means that the internal refrigerant valve is leaking. To fix it, schedule a repair with a specialist.

Indoor Furnace

Some of the less dangerous issues that could come with an indoor furnace include:

  • Squealing or screeching indicates problems with the furnace’s belt or motor bearing. Correct the lubricating oil and, if that doesn’t work, call a professional for an inexpensive repair.
  • A noise that can be described as “thwapping” means something is stuck in the fan blades. While not dangerous, this can shorten the motor’s lifespan. If there is something stuck, shut off the blower and carefully remove the blockage.
  • While a clicking sound when you shut the system on and off is normal, the control panel or outside compressor should not click. Reset the system if either part is doing so.
  • Short, high-pitched chirping indicates two parts are rubbing together without proper lubrication. If the sound goes away the issue is minor and you can inform an HVAC technician during the next maintenance visit. Call an expert if the chirping doesn’t go away or turns into a squeal.

And the more dangerous…

  • Immediately shut off the furnace if you hear banging: this indicates that a large portion of the furnace needs to be checked and replaced immediately.
  • Hearing rumbling or vibrating coming from your AC requires the immediate attention of a specialist. In gas or oil-fired systems, rumbling can be associated with combustion. In all systems, vibrating means the motor is off-balance.


Southern Air Mississippi is proud to announce we are providing air conditioning services in Ball as part of the Southern Air family!

Find Out What’s Wrong With Your AC, Today!

Do any of these scenarios make sense when it comes to the problems you’re having? Contact the professionals at Southern Air Mississippi today and get your quiet ac back. Even after AC repair, continue to keep an ear out for any strange noises and keep your system safe with regular inspections.

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