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HVAC Info You Need: Pet Edition

December 27, 2022 | Blog

Whenever you bring a beloved friend home, the last thing you want to do is worry. Whenever pets are introduced into your home, they can have an impact on its environment whether it’s through not exactly being housebroken or having to get used to pet fur. Because of this, preparation is needed. Here at Southern Air Mississippi, we want to make your transition with your new friend as easy as possible with these HVAC tips!

To understand and prepare for a pet’s impact on HVAC services, there is one big problem to be aware of: pet hair. Pet hair doesn’t only come into your house by means of falling, it can clog up quite a bit of your appliances if not cleaned. Luckily, this doesn’t mean you have to restrict your furry friend to one side of your home. In fact, a little extra maintenance makes it possible to have them go wherever they may please!

How Having Pets Impacts Your Indoor Air Quality

While pets are amazing, you need to keep your air clean. Air quality can be affected by a lot of different variables, ranging from smoke to pollen. One of these is pet dander, which can trigger allergic reactions and circulate fast.

Pet dander travels similarly to dust and can stick to anything it comes into contact with. While dusting is an option to keep it out of the air, it is not always effective. There are plenty of tools that you can use to make sure pet dander doesn’t get out of hand.

How Do I Handle Pet Dander and Fur?

Pet dander and fur can get out of hand very quickly. If you start to notice dander is bothering you, you can take steps to have it decrease over time. With less dander, there will be a lot less irritation.

Making sure to bathe your pet often is one of the best ways to make sure pet dander decreases. This is because it removes the dander and dirt from your pet’s fur. If you already have high amounts of dander, you could invest in an air filter. There are ones that specialize in filtering out pet dander, meaning it won’t clog as easily while taking dander out of the air.

Will Having Pets Damage My HVAC Systems?

Pets will only damage HVAC systems if they have close contact with them. This can be through chewing, shedding, and scratching. There are ways to make sure that your pet and systems are separated, such as pet gates.

Making sure to schedule AC maintenance regularly is going to be a key component in keeping your pet as well as yourself safe. Professionals will be able to give you important information such as how much damage your unit has taken and what can be done about it. This can be a lack of changing the air filter with a lot of pet dander or exposed wires as a result of chewing.

What Impacts Will Damage HVAC Systems Have On My Pets?

Whenever an HVAC system becomes neglected and wastes away, it can have serious impacts on your pet’s quality of life. In the summertime, failing to repair HVAC services can lead to a shutdown. This means that your pet will be forced to endure heat alone, which can be detrimental to their health. It can even cause untimely deaths if left off for long enough. Making sure to keep up with your maintenance isn’t only for your system but for your pet too.

Ready to Make Sure Fido Isn’t Damaging Your Unit? Call Today!

At Southern Air in McComb, Mississippi, we understand how dearly you hold your pet. Scheduling air conditioning tune-ups is going to be your best friend in integrating your pet into your home. Whether you need a check-up or are looking for a complete replacement, we offer a lot of options for residential and commercial systems. Call today to schedule the preventative maintenance you need to focus on your new friend!

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