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How To Be Prepared This Hurricane Season

September 22, 2023 | Blog

When hurricane season rolls around, many homeowners are on high alert. The state of Mississippi ranks high on the list of Gulf Coast areas impacted by annual storms – therefore, having hurricane essentials is vital for keeping your home safe.

At Southern Air Mississippi, we know how important it is to protect your household when a hurricane rolls toward the coast. Knowing how to keep your HVAC unit safe from the outdoors can come in handy during every hurricane season.

Here are some hurricane essentials to keep your home safe!

Keeping Your Home Cool

During the summer, it gets extremely hot and humid in McComb and surrounding areas. This type of weather requires a constant use of your air conditioner, and when a hurricane is coming, the power may go out.

To keep your house cool during an extreme weather event, set your thermostat to a cooler setting than usual so your family can stay comfortable before the storm makes landfall. If a power outage is suspected for your area, turn off the power to your unit. Keep as much cool air as possible inside by closing blinds, doors and curtains so warm air doesn’t seep in from outside!

Protecting Your HVAC Unit

During storm season, hurricane prep is key. As you stock up on groceries and water, you also want to make sure your AC unit is protected from the elements.

Again, you’ll want to turn off your air conditioner before the storm rolls in. Threats like lightning strikes and debris from high winds can also damage your unit. If you know that your area will be experiencing hurricane-level rains and high winds, cover your air conditioner with a tarp after turning it off.

Make sure that the tarp doesn’t stay on your AC for too long after the storm passes – if kept on the unit for too long, rust or mold can form and grow, which makes the air you breathe unsafe! If you have trees or any plants near your unit, make sure to trim them or move them to a different area so the debris doesn’t land on your air conditioner.

Assessing The Damage

After the hurricane has done its damage and when it’s safe to do so, check on your HVAC system. With flooding and debris posing real threats to your system, you can look to see if there is any visible damage within the outside unit. Make sure your AC is still turned off when you’re assessing the harm that may have been done, because turning it on can make things worse!

Other forms of damage to your AC could include refrigerant leaks, broken elements as well as mold and mildew settling inside the unit. If you notice any of these issues, call our technicians to provide you with trusted, long-lasting AC repairs.

McComb Hurricane Preparation

In the summer, your air conditioner is like a cherished member of the family. When storm season approaches, you’ll want to protect your cooling system and keep it running efficiently!

Protecting your HVAC system can help lessen damage after a storm. However, when you need professional services, count on Southern Air Mississippi to help ease your worries. We’ll have your system back up and running in no time. Contact us today to get started!

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