You rely on your heater all the time during the winter. That being the case, you need to be aware of when it is time for a heat pump replacement. Your heat pump works hard to bring your home comfort throughout the year. As a heat pump nears the end of its lifespan, you’ll start to notice some of these common signs that your heat pump is on its last legs. When you do, you’ll know that you’re probably close to the point of needing a new heat pump installed.

What are the signs of impending heat pump issues?

Lowered airflow

You should be used to how hard the heater blows out warm air. When that air pressure decreases, you know you have a problem on your hands. Your house will still feel cold even if it is pumping hot air because it is simply not pumping enough.

Inconsistent, cold air

You may set the thermostat to warm up your house, but when you put your hand to the vent, only cold air comes out. This could mean the heat pump is malfunctioning, or it could indicate your heater has low refrigerant levels. You will need a technician from Southern Air Heating & Cooling to come out to see what the underlying issue is.

Frequent repairs

Over time, your heat pump will become more trouble than it is worth. If you need to hire a technician to come out more than once a year to repair it, then it is time for a replacement. You should have someone come out at least once annually for routine maintenance, and during this check, he or she will inspect the heat pump.

Increase in electricity bills

By all accounts, your heater may seem to work properly. However, at the end of the month, your power bill is four or five times the amount it usually is during this time of the year. This increase could be due to your heat pump working far harder than it should, so it uses more electricity. Routine maintenance can help find these problem areas before you end up with excessively high bills.

Short cycling

You may hear your heat pump cycling on and off so that it can maintain a consistent temperature in your home. When the unit malfunctions, you may notice it turns on and off far more frequently. Short cycling puts additional stress on the pump, and if you do not fix the problem quickly, then it will break down.

Excessive moisture or leaking

Certain types of heat pumps produce a minimal amount of condensation. Once you begin to notice leaking or excessive moisture building up inside your home, then it is a sign it is time for a heat pump replacement. Only a professional should deal with leaks because the liquids could be hazardous if handled improperly.

Odd smells and noises

Your heater should operate almost silently, and it should not really interfere with your comfort inside your house. When it starts making loud noises or emits a foul odor, then you have a problem. When the noise is excessive and sounds like rattling, grinding, or screeching, then you can be confident that something is wrong with the heat pump as a whole.

When you recognize any one of these symptoms in your heater, you need to contact our team at Southern Air Heating & Cooling. We offer 24/7 emergency service and we have helped homeowners around McComb, Mississippi since 1994. Call us to get a quote, and we will send someone out promptly to take a look at the problem.