The air you breathe each day inside your home may feel the same from day-to-day. However, did you know that your indoor air could be more harmful than the air quality outside? You may not notice dust, mold, or contaminants—after all, they’re practically invisible. So, how do you know if your home contains the cleanest or best-possible air for you and your family? You make improving the indoor air quality of your home a priority by scheduling an IAQ test from Southern Air.

Improving the indoor air quality of your home can lessen allergy symptoms indoors.

If your allergy symptoms are following you indoors, you need to call us and start improving the indoor air quality of your home.

Our IAQ tests and their accurate results mean greater peace of mind and an improved indoor experience. When it comes to your indoor air quality, trust our professional, certified team to conduct an indoor air quality test inside your home. Call Southern Air today to schedule yours, or keep reading to learn more about our indoor air quality tests and services, and why good air quality matters.

How your indoor air quality affects your daily routine

You interact with a variety of air contaminants on a daily basis. Dust and dirt are only the beginning—if you have pets, they add another layer of pollutants in the form of pet hair and dander. Cigarette smoke is another harmful pollutant that can linger in your air, even if you can’t smell it anymore. Most air quality markers cannot be seen with the naked eye, making an indoor air quality test all-the-more crucial for your home. If you’ve never had a professional indoor air quality test before, there’s just no way of knowing what exactly is in your home’s air.

At Southern Air, we provide more than just an indoor air quality test. We offer solutions for cleaning up your home’s air. This includes services like duct cleaning and installing air filtration and UV purification treatment equipment. Instead of going through day-after-day of poor indoor air quality and irritating your allergies, eliminate the discomfort in your home’s air at its source!

A tale of two homeowners

Two homeowners living in the same neighborhood have similar home layouts. The first homeowner, John, receives one visit a year from his local HVAC company. He changes his air filters every month, and he saves money on his energy bills by having that HVAC company perform seasonal tune-ups to keep his units running smoothly. Some of John’s family members suffer from pollen and pet allergies, but they aren’t aggravated indoors—in fact, their clean indoor air feels fresh and cool during those hot summer months.

In contrast, John’s neighbor, Bill, doesn’t worry that often about his home’s systems. His AC is working fine and hasn’t been serviced in three or four years! Bill brags to John about his hands-off approach to HVAC maintenance. Bill may change his air filter twice or three times a year, sometimes forgetting to do so for months. Unfortunately, Bill and his wife also suffer from allergies, the symptoms of which follow them indoors. At night, they take multiple medications to alleviate their runny noses and stop their sneezing fits.

Because Bill has not improved his indoor air quality, he and his wife experience more severe allergies and colds than usual. They blame it on the outdoor weather or the season, not realizing that they are allowing those conditions to follow them indoors. Bill notices a lot of dust and dirt in his home, and he’s even worried about mold.

In this scenario, which homeowner would you rather be? A little bit of home maintenance goes a long way toward keeping you and your family healthy! One call to Southern Air can be the difference between a dusty, uncomfortable home and a clean, refreshing interior. You want to feel happy and healthy each time you walk in the door—so why wait for the problem to fix itself when it clearly won’t?

What’s involved in an air quality test?

The technicians here at Southern Air have a thorough checklist they complete during their indoor air quality test. We also have the technology and tools to monitor and test your home’s interior air. In fact, our equipment detects dust, mildew, mold, and more! One of our certified technicians will also walk you through the steps you can take to improve your home’s air quality. If needed, duct cleaning can be scheduled and air filters can be cleaned and replaced. We’ll answer any questions you may have and we’ll be sure to follow up with you to make sure you see and feel improvements in your home.

Don’t delay any longer—call Southern Air today!

Instead of suffering through allergy season and blaming the outdoor weather, look inside your home for signs of poor air quality. Be a better homeowner by changing your air filters more frequently and by scheduling regular maintenance for your air conditioner and heating systems. You may be surprised at the results of your indoor air quality test—you air may look clean, but hidden contaminants may be present in every room. Why worry or wonder any longer? Call us at Southern Air Heating and Cooling today!