The “do-it-yourself” trend for homeowners is mostly positive. Video guides and hardware stores allow you to save money by tackling projects on your own. However, there are limits. For example, you should avoid trying to do your own DIY heat pump tune-up. Here’s why you should trust your heat pump to the technicians at Southern Air instead.

To schedule a heating tune-up this fall, contact the pros here at Southern Air. Our techs are ready to help get your system running right in time for colder weather.

A Furnace Inspection in McComb MSYou could hurt yourself or someone else

Your heat pump is a complicated piece of mechanic equipment that utilizes gas or electricity to keep your home comfortable. They are complex and potentially dangerous devices for untrained people to be opening and configuring.

As a worst-case scenario, if you attempt a DIY tune-up on your heat pump, you could get electrocuted. It’s not worth the risk. Instead, call Southern Air. Our techs know how to fix your heat pump safely.

You could make things worse

Perhaps your heat pump is making strange sounds, not giving off enough heat, or failing to turn on. If you try to fiddle around with it based on an online guide, you make the issue worse because you’re not professionally trained to maintain and repair HVAC equipment. Heat pumps are complicated pieces of machinery and are difficult to understand unless you undergo years of training and field work.

You could create future problems

Even if you can fix a little problem, you still can’t be sure that everything’s fine for the long run. Handling heat pumps and putting all the pieces back together requires careful precision from trained hands. You might feel confident right after conducting a DIY AC tune-up, but an issue may arise down the road.

You could void the warranty

Your heat pump may have a manufacturer’s warranty system in place. Generally, this type of warranty only applies if you have HVAC professionals work on your heat pump. As soon as you pry open your HVAC system and mess around with the heat pump, you may violate your warranty. This means any issues that come up won’t be covered and you’ll have to pay for everything out-of-pocket.

Avoid the DIY solutions and call Southern Air for service

Even if you’re a handyman-type of person or a quick learner, you should resist the temptation to try to fix your heat pump yourself. Instead, if your heat pump is acting up, contact us at Southern Air.