Most air conditioners last between 15 and 20 years with professional annual maintenance When you need a new air conditioner, it’s important to get a system that is sized correctly for your home and cooling needs. At Southern Air, one of our professional HVAC techs can calculate air conditioner size and find the right Carrier or Trane system for your home.

Southern Air calculates air conditioner size during our free in-home estimates here in McComb.

An HVAC professional will help match your home to the perfect new AC unit for your space and cooling needs.

We offer in-home estimates because this measurement is crucial—it determines how large of an AC unit your home will need. Even the most experienced technician needs to visit your home in-person—they cannot rely on a few photos to determine the right unit, and you should never assume that the size of your current air conditioner continues to be a good fit for your home. During a free in-home estimate from our team, careful measurements will be taken to ensure you’re receiving the right quote on the right system to power your home.

Why the right air conditioner size matters

An air conditioner is not a frivolous, impulse-driven purchase or something you should treat lightly. This is a serious investment in your home’s comfort and energy efficiency for many years to come. Whether you notice it or not, you’ll rely on an air conditioner for most of the year here in Mississippi, especially during the summer. The right-sized air conditioner will bring the right amount of cooling to your home and help your electric bills stay low.

Here’s an HVAC secret you may not know: a bigger air conditioner does not mean more performance or better cooling. In fact, there are several negative consequences to having an air conditioner that is too large for your home!

Too large Too small
Uses more energy than necessary Works overtime just to keep up with cooling needs
Cycles on/off more frequently Consumes more energy without bringing you comfort
Results in more humidity in the home Inconsistent temperatures in the home

When you call Southern Air Heating & Cooling for a free in-home estimate on a new air conditioner, we’ll send an experienced professional to your home. This technician takes many factors into account—home square footage, window and door area, geographical climate, insulation quality, and more. They’ll figure out how much heating and cooling capacity your home requires. Even the type of construction matters when it comes to sizing your home for an air conditioning unit—brick homes differ greatly from homes with vinyl siding. A technician will have the experience and training to figure out the best size for your home and your cooling needs.

How to make the most of your air conditioner

After a technician takes exact measurements and calculates the right air conditioner for your home, they’ll install the unit. Now, you’re ready to enjoy the cool air and an energy-efficient system! To make sure your AC unit lasts for years to come, here are a few quick tips for taking care of your air conditioner:

  • Schedule annual maintenance with the professionals at Southern Air.
  • Get your thermostat checked to make sure it’s communicating properly with the AC unit.
  • Keep your indoor temperature somewhat consistent and avoid large temperature swings.
  • Replace your HVAC’s air filter on a regular basis.
  • During your seasonal tune-up, have our team ensure that your unit is clean and free of debris.
  • Rely on a professional HVAC team for services here in McComb and Southwest Mississippi.

By taking the proper measures to really care for your new AC unit, you’ll increase its energy efficiency and decrease the amount you have to pay each month for your energy bill. The most important part of AC upkeep is scheduling regular maintenance from a professional, even if your unit does not appear to be rundown or broken.

Just like you’d change your oil and rotate the tires on your car, you want to regularly care for your AC unit so you can prevent future breakdowns or the need for emergency repair. This way, you’re fully in control of your home systems and know exactly what’s going on.

For a free in-home estimate, call Southern Air today!

The right air conditioner size can make-or-break your home’s overall comfort. A unit that’s too large will turn on-and-off too frequently and use more energy than needed. A unit that’s too small will never turn off, overworking itself and leading to many breakdowns due to the increased wear-and-tear.

Don’t attempt a DIY solution with any air conditioner installation, and avoid buying a cheaply made system. You want the very best for your home when it comes to heating and cooling. The team at Southern Air meets that need by installing high-efficiency, high-performance Carrier and Trane systems. Our work comes backed by our Ironclad Guarantees and we even offer financing with approved credit on new installations. Call our team today to learn more about upgrading your home’s AC system. You’ll be glad you did!