Ask any HVAC tech, and they’ll tell you: a seasonal AC tune-up is a really good idea. Having a professional technician inspect your air conditioner before summer can not only make it run more efficiently, but help you avoid breakdowns. In this blog, we’ll review the reasons to schedule an AC tune-up with Southern Air.

If you’re ready to schedule your tune-up this spring, contact us. We provide cooling and heating services right here in McComb, MS.

A Comfort Air heating services technician fixes a system in McComb MS#1. Get your system ready for summer

We’re barely into the start of spring, but—here in McComb, MS—summer isn’t all that far away. Don’t let the hottest months of the year arrive without having a professional HVAC tech inspect your air conditioner to make sure it’s running right.

An air conditioner that’s been inspected and tuned up is far less likely to suffer a catastrophic breakdown later in the summer. This, in turn, not only saves you money that you’d have otherwise spend on AC repair, but it can also save you hassle and headache.

#2. Save money with improved energy-efficiency

In addition to safeguarding your air conditioner against most breakdowns, a tune-up also puts your system in prime, peak condition for the summer. Our techs clean your air conditioner and make sure it’s ready to go. This, in turn, makes it more energy-efficient, saving you money.

In contrast, an unmaintained air conditioner uses more energy to cool your home, running harder to keep up with your indoor cooling needs. The result of all that wear-and-tear is—you guessed it—a heightened chance of a breakdown. AC maintenance really helps your system in many ways.

#3. Help your system live a longer life

Of course, if your air conditioner is accruing extra wear-and-tear each and every day of this summer and all future summers, it’s probably not going to last quite as long as it should. In fact, all that extra work your AC puts in this summer could shave years off its life decades from now.

Here’s another thing to consider: your AC unit most likely has a manufacturer’s warranty protecting the system. These warranties have just one stipulation of note: you need to schedule an annual tune-up from a professional HVAC technician.

That’s just another reason to give Southern Air a call.

#4. Make your summer more comfortable

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about comfort. Maintenance, by helping your air conditioner run better, improves your home’s comfort.

While saving money and avoiding the need for repairs is nice, comfort is the reason you have an air conditioner. In fact, it’s perhaps the best of the reasons to schedule an AC tune-up.

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Spring is the perfect time to look ahead to the summer and get your tune-up scheduled. Here in McComb, MS, trust the name of Southern Air for a professional air conditioning tune-up that will have your system prepped and ready for hotter weather ahead. Contact us today!