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when it’s summertime here in Mississippi, you can expect brutal heat and high humidity. This extreme weather is part of the price we pay to live in this beautiful state. However, when your air conditioner quits functioning, your comfort level can take a nosedive.

If you can spot the early warning signs of AC trouble, a qualified technician from Southern Air may be able to correct the problem before more costly repairs or even AC replacement is necessary. Here are the top five warning signs you need professional AC repair immediately.

HVAC Repair McComb#1. Your AC is suddenly far noisier

A scratching or squeaking noise probably means a belt has worked itself out of its proper position. The belt will continue slipping until it completely comes off its pulley and possibly causes other damage.

#2. Little or no air is flowing out of the vents

If the airflow is weak or nonexistent, your compressor could be going out, or your ductwork may be torn or blocked. A technician can usually find the problem before overuse damages your system.

#3. Abnormally high electric bills

A sudden spike in your summer utility bill is typical, but if the amount seems excessively high, it could mean an AC problem. The culprit could be a failing compressor or torn or blocked air ducts.

#4. Foul odor is present when system is running

A foul mildew smell coming from the vents when your AC is running could mean fungus is forming in your ductwork. Some forms of mold are hazardous, so address this problem right away.

#5. Unit is leaking moisture

A wet spot around your unit could mean that the condensation drain tube is blocked or broken. However, it could mean that poisonous Freon is leaking from your system, so hire a qualified technician to check it immediately.

Southern Air is ready to help your AC system!

Do nobe caught in this Mississippi heat and humidity with a broken-down AC system; Southern Air has proudly serviced local air conditioners here in McComb and Southwest Mississippi since 1994, and we are ready to repair yours.

If you start to notice any of the signs that your system is in need of repair, do not wait until the problem gets worse. Instead, contact us today. Southern Air is ready to send one of our certified and courteous technicians to check your system and advise you on your best course of action.